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By booking a spot in the Canine and Co Social Club, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms at anytime.


The Canine & Co Social Club adjusts its operational schedule in alignment with New Zealand school terms.

Enrolment in our service is contingent upon a commitment for the entire term.

Maintaining your dog's reserved space throughout the term is crucial for ensuring stability in pack dynamics and is upheld through regular attendance and a payment agreement.


Social Club Terms 2024:


Term 1: Jan 10th - April 28th

Term 2: April 29th - July 21st

Term 3: July 22nd - October 13th

Term 4: October 14th - December 20th

If a pack is considered unsuitable or if there is a need to cancel or modify operations on a regularly scheduled day, typical dogs may be assigned to an alternative day.


In order for us to offer the optimal service for your dog, it is your responsibility to furnish us with comprehensive and relevant information. This allows us to assess your dog appropriately, assign suitable placement, and for you to disclose any risks, dangers, or medical conditions associated with your dog. 


Ultimately, it is your dog who determines the most suitable day and pack, not the owner. We reserve the right to change the scheduled day for your canine at any time to prioritize the safety and well-being of all dogs.


Dogs must be in good health and physically fit. The dog owner is responsible for addressing any behavioral or training issues, ensuring that their dog meets an acceptable standard for socialization, and maintaining a regular exercise routine outside of the social club.

The Social Club accepts a limited number of intact males. If there are potentially intact males in a group with unspayed females, it is the owner's responsibility to inform us about any intact males and females that are not spayed. Owners are also obligated to notify us when their dog is due to go into heat, and they will be requested to keep the dog at home for the duration of the heat cycle. The remaining balance for their day care remains due and is non-refundable during this period.

The Canine & Co Social Club operates throughout most of the year, regardless of weather conditions. The Social Club will proceed unless the staff at Canine & Co determines it to be unsafe, as we have suitable arrangements to cover all weather conditions.


Payment Terms:

  • You will receive an invoice for your dog's placement in advance of the upcoming term.

  • Term fees must be paid in advance and can be settled in full or through weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments, using our online booking system


Updated Jan 2024

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