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At Canine & Co, our cattery boasts 20 sleeping quarters for cats, featuring 2 large private rooms. It is strategically located in a separate area from the canines, ensuring no visual interaction between the two. The cattery is divided into two sections: one for more social cats and another for those preferring a quieter atmosphere. Even if you're unsure about your cat's social behaviors, our attentive staff monitors them daily, making adjustments as needed.

Every cat enjoys access to sunlight in their secure outdoor enclosure, complete with multiple climbing frames, elevated sleeping spots, and an abundance of recreational toys. This ensures that your feline companions stay mentally stimulated during their time with us.

Rest assured, daily cuddles are part of our routine, provided while we clean their sleeping quarters. Fresh water and dry biscuits are available throughout the day for their grazing needs. In the evening, they are treated to wet food before being settled into their sleeping quarters for the night. Your feline friends are well-cared-for and comfortable during their stay with us.


Please respect these times and days. Our staff need a break too!

Any Pick Up & Drop Offs out of collection hours incurs a $40


Monday - Friday 

8am-10am - 4pm-6pm




9am-11am - 4pm-6pm




Auckland Anniversary Saturday & Sunday

Waitangi Day

Easter Saturday & Sunday

Anzac Day 

Labour Weekend Saturday & Sunday 

24/25/26 December

31/1/2 January


Day Stays closed from December 20th - Jan 10th

Social Club closed Weekends, Public Holidays



We are firm believers in delivering top-tier nutrition for your felines. Our dedication to their well-being involves thorough research to choose high-quality, budget-friendly, and locally sourced foods. We go beyond conventional cost-cutting measures, avoiding generic or standard recommended diets to ensure the best for your pet's health.

As for dry food, we exclusively offer Wishbone Chicken Cat Biscuits, available throughout the day for felines to graze at their leisure. In the evening, alongside their dry biscuits, we provide wet food in the form of a raw chicken heart roll—100% raw chicken heart. These organ meats serve as an excellent source of taurine, a crucial amino acid essential for proper heart function and overall health in cats. Additionally, chicken hearts are rich in vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, iron, and phosphorus, contributing to a well-balanced diet for your beloved furry friend.

To prioritise the safety and well-being of all our guests, we mandate that cats be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Vaccinations play a crucial role in disease prevention. We stipulate that cats should have received a vaccine like Tricat, Felocell, or a similar one within the past 12 months to ensure the highest level of protection in our cattery environment. It's important to acknowledge that while vaccines offer significant protection, they don't guarantee immunity against all diseases. Therefore, although we take all necessary precautions, we cannot provide a guarantee of protection against infectious diseases. Our commitment, however, remains steadfast in ensuring a healthy and joyful stay for your feline companion.

Please treat your Feline for fleas and worms one week prior to their stay.

We are advocates of providing choices in the vaccination of your animals. That's why we provide a separate outdoor enclosure, distinct from the main communal cattery, for unvaccinated felines. To avoid any disappointment, we highly recommend booking in advance to secure this exclusive space for your unvaccinated feline friend.



At Canine & Co, we are committed to addressing the issue of large overpopulation in cats, leading to unwanted litters each year. Hence, we mandate that all cats over 4 months of age be spayed or neutered. If you have specific reasons for your feline not undergoing this procedure, we encourage you to discuss them with us. We are open to hearing all concerns and will make decisions on a case-by-case basis, accommodating individual needs as required. We must be made aware of any felines who are not spayed or neutered as our cattery is a communal area.




One Cat
Two Cats
Public Holidays



+ $2
+ $4
Canine & Co Cat Graphic

*Charges are per calendar day or per 24 hours


Cattery at Canine & Co Whakatane Pet Boarding


24/7 Monitoring

Situated a mere five meters from the main kennels entrance, our home ensures constant 24/7 monitoring of your pets when necessary. This proximity ensures feline owners can enjoy a worry free holiday.


Optimal Nutrition

A completely balanced diet featuring New Zealand chicken for your feline, rich in taurine. Felines have a limited ability to produce taurine on their own, making it an essential nutrient for their well-being.


Safe Haven for Felines

Secure and escape-proof facilities providing a safe haven for your felines, ensuring both cat & dog owners can enjoy a worry-free holiday.

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