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Your Pets Home
Away From Home

Canine and Co is a dedicated haven for both Canines and Felines where our core philosophy revolves around treating pets with utmost care and respect. We take pride in delivering top-tier care services that encompass mental stimulation, and we provide ongoing training to guarantee the well-being and happiness of the animals under our watch.

At Canine and Co, we wholeheartedly regard animals as cherished members of the family.

Chelsea & Daniel owners of Canine & Co New Zealand Menagerie Boarding Kennels and Cattery Pet Accommodation

We are Daniel & Chelsea and we are very proud and grateful to be hosting your pets here at Canine & Co!

We are Daniel Brogden and Chelsea Perkinson, the proud owners of Canine & Co (formerly known as Menagerie Boarding Kennels & Cattery) since October 2023.

Our four-legged family includes Soul, a rescued Doberman, and Lux, our playful Rottweiler. Additionally, we share our space with five adorable rescue cats—Felix, Cleo, Pēpi, Cheeto, and Winnie.

Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Animal Behaviour, boasting a rich background in Zoo Keeping. Daniel's passion lies in Dog Training. Together, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with owners and their canine companions, addressing basic behavioural issues and finding that harmonious balance.

At Canine & Co, we harbour a special affection for bully breed dogs. Our mission is to reshape perceptions surrounding them, demonstrating the inherent loveliness they possess when matched with the right owners. Beyond being a mere boarding kennel, Canine & Co was conceived as a haven—a home away from home—for your extended family members.

We look forward to meeting you and your Canines & Felines sometime in the future.

Warm regards,

Daniel & Chelsea, Canine & Co

Happy Dog at Canine & Co sitting with Chelsea and Daniel Whakatane NZ

Our Promise

At Canine & Co, we're devoted to the well-being, happiness, and health of your beloved pets. Our dedicated team ensures top-tier care services, providing attention, love, and mental stimulation. We uphold the highest standards of respect and compassion, treating your furry family members as cherished companions. With continuous training and a genuine belief that animals are family, we create an environment where tails wag with joy and your pets thrive in care and commitment. Your trust is the cornerstone of our promise, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations every day.

Our Values

At Canine & Co, our values shape our commitment to your pets. Integrity is key; we prioritize transparency, honesty, and accountability. Compassion guides our actions, fostering empathy for each Canine and Feline friend. Dedication is our promise – top-tier care services prioritizing mental stimulation and well-being. We embrace innovation, constantly seeking ways to enhance your pets' lives. At Canine & Co, we believe animals are cherished family members. These values define our approach, ensuring your trust is met with the highest standards of care and commitment.

Chelsea from Canine & Co cuddling with a happy dog on an outdoor couch

Our Team: Passionate Pet Enthusiasts

At Canine & Co, our remarkable team is a circle of devoted animal enthusiasts, each member deeply connected to the well-being of your beloved pets. We are passionate individuals who have made caring for Canines and Felines a way of life. It's our shared love for animals that fuels our commitment to exceptional pet care. With diverse skills and a genuine affection for our furry friends, the Canine & Co team is more than just caregivers – we are companions dedicated to ensuring your pets receive the utmost love and attention they deserve.

Please respect these times and days. Our staff need a break too!

Any Pick Up & Drop Offs out of collection hours incurs a $40


Monday - Friday 

8am-10am - 4pm-6pm




9am-11am - 4pm-6pm




Auckland Anniversary Saturday & Sunday

Easter Saturday & Sunday

Labour Weekend Saturday & Sunday 

24/25/26 December

31/1/2 January


Day Stays closed from December 20th - Jan 10th

Social Club closed Weekends, Public Holidays 


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