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Welcome to Canine & Co's all-new Social Club—an exclusive space designed for dogs to socialize, learn manners, build confidence, and enjoy moments of relaxation in the company of other canine companions. Our Social Club is set in a charming farm-style venue featuring a spacious grassed paddock for play, an outdoor covered area for rainy days, and a variety of stimulating objects to engage their minds. This environment is particularly beneficial for dogs who may be a bit reserved, providing opportunities to gain confidence.

Throughout the day at our Social Club, healthy treats are provided to encourage positive reinforcement behaviors. This ensures that the dogs are not merely running around aimlessly but are actively using their time at the Social Club to develop and reinforce good behaviors.

We have two expansive, fully fenced areas designed to cater to separate groups—one for small dogs and another for large dogs. The well-being of your canines is our top priority, which is why, despite having a larger-than-average social club area, we limit the number of attendees. This ensures that our full-time staff member has ample time to spend with each canine, providing individualized attention and care.

Before booking please read and agree to the Social Club terms and conditions.

Canine & Co Social Club Pick Up & Drop Off

Email for information regarding Pick Up & Drop Off

Locations & Times (Whakatane Only) spaces are extremely limited!



The Canine & Co Social Club adjusts its operational schedule in alignment with New Zealand school terms.

Enrolment in the Social Club is contingent upon a commitment for the entire term.

Maintaining your dog's reserved space throughout the term is crucial for ensuring stability in pack dynamics and is upheld through regular attendance and a payment agreement.

There are two options. Weekly attendance or fortnightly attendance.


Social Club Terms 2024:


Term 1: Feb 5th - April 28th

Term 2: April 29th - July 21st

Term 3: July 22nd - October 13th

Term 4: October 14th - December 20th

Social Club closed Weekends and Public Holidays.

Simply click 'Book Now' to schedule a Social Club Trial for your canine companion.

Under Day Care "Add Ons" click Social Club Trial. 

The trial day fee is $35.

If your canine successfully completes the trial, a member of the Canine & Co team will reach out to coordinate a designated day for your furry friend to join our Social Club.


A 48-hour notice is necessary for canceling your canine's Social Club Day. This allows us to potentially fill their spot with another dog from our waitlist. It's essential to recognize that the Social Club operates on a pack dynamic, and frequent cancellations may reduce the opportunities to enrol your dog in the following term. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.



One Day A Week
Two Or More Days A Week
Two Or More Dogs
Pick Up & Drop Off Service (Whakatane Only)
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$24 Per Day
$24 Per Dog

+ $8
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